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So, are you ready for the holidays?

August 28th, 2014 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

Take a deep breath, you still have plenty of time before the winter holidays arrive, but now is when you need to plan, plan, plan!

Yes, school is just getting started, which reminds is a great time to promote a relaxing and rejuvenating service or package to all of the Moms in the world who spent the summer entertaining and hanging out with their kiddos! Reward them, they're amazing and could really use a treat right about now.

But you need to think about what you'd like to accomplish for the rest of the year in terms of your marketing promotions. You've made it through Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and various minor (but not necessarily gift-driven) holidays since, and now it's time to look forward to your last big revenue-generating opportunity of the year.

Thoughts to think:

What great services and packages can we pre-devise to best meet our clients' expectations this year? Wallets are loosening up a little, which means including some slightly more robust services may be just the ticket this season. Remember that creating great seasonal offerings will solve gift givers' desires to provide the perfect spa, salon or massage gift, which will help generate that precious holiday revenue that can help finish out the year in a very positive way.

How should we promote the cool services and packages we've created? Your service menus need to be updated in time for your seasonal promotion push, you need to be sure your website reflects that information as well, you should talk about your offers both in store (w/ scripted/directed copy) and on your blog, and definitely include social media in your mix. Always.

What do you want to do in-house to spruce things up and create an environment in which clients will embrace receiving treatments AND purchasing gifts for families, friends and coworkers?  Creating ambiance is a skill you already have; translating that skill to the upcoming holiday season will ensure you and your clients get the most out of their time with you.

Do you need to secure holiday staff in order to support your holiday clientele? Creating promotions directed at encouraging existing clients to visit during the nuttiness of the holiday season in addition to focusing on generating new clients makes sense. Assume your promotions will succeed, and line up enough staff to support the effort.

Pondering, then acting on your upcoming holiday marketing plan will minimize last-minute, stress-filled planning, and allow you to ease into the season knowing you've covered your bases.

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SpaBoom Labor Day Hours

August 27th, 2014 • Posted by Janell Loving • Permalink

SpaBoom will be closed on Monday, September 1st, for Labor Day. We hope that everyone will have a chance to enjoy some rest with family and friends over the long weekend!

We'll be back bright and early on Tuesday, September 2nd, rested and ready to hear from you!

Have a safe weekend!

Your SpaBoom team

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Building Brand Advocates

August 20th, 2014 • Posted by Kathy Watts • Permalink

Successful marketing is, first and foremost, about building relationships. Building a good relationship with your clients can turn them into advocates for your brand, increasing your reach and helping you to build a solid reputation and business through referrals.

But creating brand advocates takes time and effort to not only build that client relationship but to nurture it. Here are some effective ways to build a relationship with your clients and help turn them into brand advocates for your business.

Deliver Good Customer Service
I say it all the time. Good Customer Service is the foundation of every successful business. Every experience your clients have with you should be a positive and well delivered one. From the moment they first visit your website or Facebook page, call to make an appointment (or book one online), or walk through your front door to receive their service, every moment is an opportunity to deliver a positive, and consistent, experience to your clients. That should always be the first step in building a relationship with your client. Before a client can become a brand advocate, they have to be happy with their personal experiences with your business. And if they are happy with your business, they’ll go out and tell all their friends about you.

Keep Your Clients Engaged
Keep your clients engaged on a regular basis via social media, your blog, or in email. Different people want contact in different ways, so make sure you are covering all the bases. Give them content that is interesting to them (and most definitely more than just promos or specials). Offer them expert advice, ask them questions that encourage feedback and interesting discussions, or share information about what is going on with your business and your staff. If you set yourself up as a trusted resource, your clients will start to view you as an expert, and they’ll tell all their family and friends about you as well.

Focus On Your Clients
Your clients know what they want and need from your business. So take some time out regularly to focus on what your clients need or want from your business. Regularly ask them for feedback and really listen to what they have to say. Then act on it in whatever ways work best for both your business and your clients’ needs. If your clients feel like you really care about what they think and what their needs are, they are not only going to be happier, but they’re going to go out and share that with their network of people.

It's not a huge leap from happy customer to brand advocate. Many of the things you do everyday to help grow a successful business are the same things that can help turn happy clients into advocates for your brand. But it does require a concerted, genuine, and focused effort on your part. Building and maintaining good relationships with your clients is key to creating a successful brand, and satisfied clients who are happy to advocate on your behalf with their family and friends.

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