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Enlist Your Clients in Your Success

July 30th, 2014 • Posted by Kathy Watts • Permalink

When it comes to running a successful business, your clients are your greatest asset. They chose your business over others in the area and even refer their family and friends. So why not involve them in your success and find out from them what makes you so great and what you can do to improve? Here are some things to do with your clients to help make your business even better.

Engage Them
Your clients are a great resource for finding out what you are doing well and what you could do to be even better. So ask them. Set up a short questionnaire, and ask your clients to fill it out and provide feedback. Here is a sample list of 8 simple questions that you could ask your clients:

  • Why did you choose us
  • What sets us apart from similar businesses in the area
  • How would you describe us to your family and friends
  • Why do you refer us to others - And how do you refer people to us
  • What do we do best
  • What can we do better
  • What do you find most annoying about businesses like ours in this area
  • What do we not offer now that you would like to see us offer in the future

 To promote feedback and participation, you could tie-in participation in the survey with a reward. Maybe it’s a free product or $10 off their next service. Or it could even be that they get entered into a drawing for a larger prize, like a free premiere service.

Listen to Them
Once you start to get results back from the surveys, make sure you actually pay attention to what your clients have to say. They took the time to share their thoughts with you. Don’t just let that slide. Really pay attention to what they had to say - both good and bad - and consider how you can use their feedback and advice to create an even better experience for them when they come to see you.

Don't forget to listen not only to your top clients, but to all your clients. It could be that a few small changes to your business offerings could mean that some of your “sometimes” clients become top clients. They’re your clients and they know what they want, so use the feedback from them to determine what you are doing well and what you could improve. From there, you have nowhere to go but up and up!

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Ready to Setup a Rewards Program?

July 24th, 2014 • Posted by Kathy Watts • Permalink

Returning clients spend an average of 67% more than new clients. So it only makes sense to focus on bringing your clients back again and again. One great way to do that is to reward them for being loyal customers. SpaBoom offers great functionality for running your rewards program. But before you turn it on there is a lot to think about. Here are some things to ask yourself when you’re ready to set up your rewards program.

What activities do you want to reward?
You want to make sure you are rewarding behaviors that help your business to grow, either in the number of clients you have or the amount of revenue being generated. Some of the most popular activities to reward are:

  • Purchasing Gift Certificates
  • Purchasing Services
  • Using Online Booking
  • Purchasing Deals
  • Referrals for services or purchases
  • Signing up for Email Marketing
  • Share with a Friend
  • Shared Friend Signups

How many points will be rewarded for each activity?
You need to decide what sorts of behavior you want to reward the most. Is it more important to keep your clients coming back again and again? Then make purchases and services worth more points than referrals. Or maybe referrals are more important, so you would want to make referrals for services or actual signups worth more points. The default in the Rewards setup is 1 point per dollar spent and 100 points for email newsletter signup. But you can change these and fully customize the point values for each individual activity.

How much is each point worth?
A good starting point might be to make 10 points worth $1. This makes it easy for your clients to quickly earn rewards, which is a good thing. SpaBoom gives you full control over how much each point is worth, so you can decide what works best for your business. But keep in mind that people who participate in a rewards program typically want to be able to redeem their points in 3-6 months. So making it easy to earn points, and easy to redeem them, will make your rewards program much more effective.

What rewards do you want to offer?
Create rewards and incentives that your clients desire, but also that are unique to your business. You also want to make sure that your Rewards program is helping to grow your business and isn’t hurting your bottom line. So keep that in mind when deciding on rewards. Some rewards options are:

  • Discounts on services
  • Gift certificates for services or products
  • Bonus products
  • Add-on experiences
  • Monthly special – an exclusive offer for reward members

Studies show that clients tend to be happier with rewards other than discounts. But now might be a good time to ask both your staff, and some of your top clients, what they think the rewards should be. Tailoring your rewards to meet the needs of your clients will make your program more successful.

How will you promote it?
Be sure you promote it on your website and via social media. But, more importantly, make sure your staff are ambassadors for your program. They should all understand how it works and why it is a benefit to both the client and the business. Some spas even have displays showing what you can receive at each point level. Talking with your clients about your rewards program should be part of the checkout process at the end of every visit. Let them know how many points they currently have, and also what they can redeem them for, as well as an incentive for rebooking at the time of checkout.

How will your clients earn, track, and redeem points?
This one is easy. SpaBoom rewards make it easy to do all of this from your SpaBoom account. You can even set it up to automatically redeem points. When a certain level is reached, SpaBoom will automatically send your client a congratulatory email with their reward attached as a gift certificate. We also make it easy for your staff to look up how many points a client has earned and redeem them right there while the client is still at your front desk. Efficiency in use guarantees a successful rewards program.

You are now ready to turn on and set up your Rewards program in SpaBoom. But keep in mind that your rewards program is a living entity. Follow-up regularly with your clients to make sure your program is meeting their needs as well as yours and that the rewards are really worth it. Communicate with them regularly, both about what is available in the rewards program this month, and also about how many points they have currently. And make changes as needed to keep it competitive and successful.

A successful rewards program not only rewards your clients for their loyalty, but can help to reinforce the relationship they have with your business. Making it an easy program for your clients to participate in, and also for your staff to administer, will ensure that your clients are happy and keep them coming back for more.

Need help getting your Rewards program set up? Give us a call. We're always happy to help!

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Stabilizing economy = Opportunity for small businesses

July 22nd, 2014 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

After years of holding our collective breath, it appears that the economy is finally trending in the right direction. Growth is looking good, and inflation is under control. The big economic indicators bode well for the next few years, with projections of steady improvement characterizing the forecasts. This is a tremendous thing for small business, because once word gets out via national and social media that things are looking up, people will begin to breathe sighs of relief and allow themselves to enjoy services that reach further than just 'maintenance and necessary.'

Remaining top-of-mind with your clientele means gearing your marketing and promotions to 'meet them where they're at.' (Pardon the grammar, but the phrase works, here.)  Where they're at may be in a place where they are giving themselves permission to purchase services that move a tad beyond the pure 'have to' into the 'ok, so I also want this add on..' arena. That can mean extending a 60 minute massage to 90 minutes, choosing to go with a deep conditioning following a style and highlight, opting for a mani/pedi combination in lieu of just regular manicures, or choosing the rejuvenating facial with ultra-softening mask over the basic facial.

Upselling now requires finesse and a good plan. Look at your service menu and consider ways that you might entice your clients.

Are there ways for you to add perceived value to the next-tier services without incurring real costs? When clients perceive they are receving more for their money, they're likely to invest in the next option 'up' the menu.

Will something as subtle as opting to list your services from most indulgent to more economical help? Order of sight matters, too. If your clients are seeing your most economical services at the top of your menu, they'll have to think harder about moving to the next level than if they see the most indulgent first and the middle option (the one you're wanting to encourage now) right below it.

Winning higher level sales means your clients will be enjoying services that they may have waited years to justify and you'll be generating a boosted revenue stream as well.

Now's the time to get creative with ways to enrich the experiences of your clients and create higher average tickets as you do it.

It's another win-win.


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