Word of Mouth has Changed

Marketing is all about building your online brand presence. What does this mean to your spa/group practice, salon or solo practice? Your online digital footprint is your reputation and your path to success, so it must be in step with where and how people are talking about you today.

It use to be personal recommendations or ‘word of mouth’ was what drove traffic to your business. That is still the case today, but the way in which word of mouth works is different.

Now any time someone is referred to your spa, salon or practice the first thing they do is find out about you online. They look at your online information, what services you offer, what the atmosphere is like, what sort of a reputation you have established with other consumers, and of course what conveniences you offer for scheduling appointments, and purchasing gift certificates.

In this new digital word of mouth world your biggest goal is to develop your audience using your website, consistent marketing communications and easy access to appointments and gift purchasing to increase revenue and build a solid client base.

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I never thought Cyber Monday was something for my business. I thought that Cyber Monday was for businesses that only sold goods. I didn’t even pursue it as hard as I could have, and I sold over $5600 in gift certificate sales on Cyber Monday alone. I only sold $105 in gift certificates the previous year before I began using SpaBoom.
Dubunné Spa Club & Massage Centre

What do you really get with your SpaBoom service? Our experience. During our tenure we’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) to build the best online marketing tools and services for your business.

In today’s market 50% of your business comes from word of mouth recommendations. At least 75% of those referrals will research the recommendation online before they call or stop by. We help you manage what they will find online and make it easy for you to compete in the market today. Our service is designed to manage all aspects of your online marketing and instant gift certificate sales. We help you get more from the customers you have now, widen your target audience to generate new growth, and strengthen your existing base. Questions? Call. Ideas? Call. We’re here for you.

We support you 100% of the way, 100% of the time. Our Resources library of podcasts, webinars and relevant articles is just one example of how you can spend a few minutes, or longer if you prefer, and get great ideas that you can apply—immediately—to your marketing to improve results.