Who Exactly Is Your Social Media Audience?

December 3, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

Social mediaDid you know that Facebook’s users in the 55-64 year old range have grown 46% in the last year? And that the 45-54 age bracket is the fastest growing group on both Facebook and Google+? That means you’re not just writing to the under 40 group anymore. From a marketing standpoint, you’ll want to vary your message (and images) to resonate with that demographic. It may require a little more thought to tailor your social media to this group, but this section of the economy packs a whallop in terms of discretionary income, so your time will be worth it.

The good news is you can write blog articles to everyone you serve, and create social media posts from all of your articles so that you’re reaching a variety of demographics, easily and as a natural byproduct of your blog work.

Did you also know that of Facebook’s users, 189 million of them are only accessing via mobile devices? That means you need to ensure your mobile presence is fluid and working well with handhelds and mobile phones at all times. Now is definitely the time to optimize your website to render well on mobile devices.

Social media allows businesses to connect with followers in exponential ways. Capitalizing on the beauty of difference in your audience will demonstrate your desire to speak their language while meeting them in what has become a way of life, not just a passing fad.

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