Valentine Packages that Sell

January 27, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

Heart and arrowChoice is good. Too much choice paralyzes.

Why should you care about that? You’re trying to capitalize on Valentine’s Day sales, that’s why!

Creating a set of packages that offer up indulgent services and suit all of your potential gift buyers is a no brainer. Really.

First, let’s think about what we know from recent data, then we’ll go from there. The average gift certificate sale over the recent holidays was $85.

Second, most men who are buying for their loved one want a solution, not decisions to make. They’re trying to do the right thing by purchasing a gift of experience, but their patience for answering a multitude of questions while they do it is very limited. Packages offer the perfect way for them to do the right thing, no headaches involved!

Third, you already have what it takes to solve the gift giving conundrums with ease!

We recommend setting up three packages, one higher-end, one based on your average gift certificate sale amount (yours may be a little different from ours since ours is an aggregate – use the number that makes the most sense for you for this middle-priced package), and one value package.

That would look something like this:

Platinum Pampering Package, $125-$130

Joyous Indulgence Package, $85-$90

Loving the VDay Package, $50-$60

The key to packages is to leave room for upsell. Including services that lend themselves to add on’s means you’ll have an opportunity to provide more of your magic for your clients and generate more revenue while you do it.

Once you’ve created your packages, be sure to let your clientele know via blog posts, emails, and social media. Get the word out that you’re catering to the Valentine’s Day gift buyer, and then do that voodoo that you do to indulge, pamper, and create great customer retention once your gift recipients come in to redeem their treat!

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