The Era of Mad Men Is Over. You’re Your Own Publisher Now.

April 10, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

dondraperRemember the days of big spends on splashy, glossy ads? And remember the almighty mullet? Us too, and thankfully both are out of vogue!

With regard to big ads, expensive agencies, and less than measurable results, the truth is that style of getting the word out about your spa or salon just doesn’t work anymore. Returns on that style of promotion have, in recent years, declined to the point of being very difficult to justify in a responsible marketing budget.

The mullet? We really don’t need to elaborate on why the demise of that particular trend is a good thing, right?

So what does it mean to you as a business that throwing money at big ads and marketing no longer works? It means you have essentially become your own publisher by harnessing the power of your website, email, mobile, and social media like Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand and grow your business. And establish and maintain a reasonable budget while you’re at it.

How to go about this self-publishing? It really boils down to using all of the tools at your disposal and being passionate about your work. Between creativity and technology? There’s not much you can’t accomplish!

A few ways to move ahead with Operation Self Promote:

  • Blog. Regularly, and on topics your audience cares about.
  • Harness social media. Begin conversations on Facebook that allow you to engage with your social media groupies on a regular basis. And be sure to be consistent with this one – once that very valuable social exchange has begun you’ll want to add more and more to the mix over time. And don’t be afraid to use images – Facebook has made it simpler to do that easily. And Twitter means you can send short messages out to an audience that loves snippets.
  • Email campaigns give you unlimited options to relate as well as to share great deals or information about specific services or products that you’re offering. Regularly scheduled communication via email is a wonderful way to ensure your audience receives a variety of messages, and is gently reminded that you are the perfect gifting choice regardless of the occasion.
  • Keep your website fresh. Current website copy means you’re respecting your online audience’s need for new and shiny as well as basic, go-to information about your spa or salon. Creating promotions that change over time means your site is interesting and you’re demonstrating you’re in touch with all of the places your clientele frequents.
  • Text promotions and specials and last minute opportunities for your clients. There’s nothing like receiving a notice that a 4 p.m. appointment has opened up or that the summer edition of a favorite product line is on the shelves!
  • Ensure your message is mobile. Deliver your content so that your followers will have access 24/7.

Your clients are spending more time online, and mobile, and on social media, than ever before. They’re engaging on many levels with the businesses they frequent, yours included. They’re looking for interesting information, occasionally a good deal, and mostly to be reminded why they choose you over competition time and again.

Don Draper made it look easy, but with a little thought, planning and creativity? You’re definitely ahead of the game in this modern era of marketing!

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