Surprise Treats Net Big Loyalty

February 19, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

 neck massageMaking people look and feel terrific is an art form that you have perfected. Our hats go off to everyone who chooses to spend their energies making the world feel better and simply shine with gorgeousness!

Engendering loyalty in your clients takes effort, as you well know. It means you not only meet, but exceed their expectations every time they come in for a service. It means your staff is professional and adept at what they do, that your facilities are inviting and nurturing, and that the services themselves meet the promise that you’ve made in your marketing and promotion.

Client loyalty is an interesting phenomenon, and one that requires continual attention to ensure. Sometimes going one step further is just the ticket for taking a client relationship from solid to ‘wow’ worthy.

Case in point, adding something special to your services. You don’t advertise these special somethings, in fact they don’t appear in writing anywhere- they just happen, and enrich the experience for your clients in the process.

My personal story along these lines is pretty simple, but honestly, I wouldn’t even consider leaving the relationship that my stylist and I enjoyed for many years as a result of their inclusion of an a.mazing neck massage, with aromatic oil, before every style. Cut, color, highlight, didn’t matter, they included it and for some reason I never thought about it until I was in the chair, often right after a hectic day at the office, and I felt myself relax into the soothing massage before I enjoyed a great style experience.

Every time I went in I felt the same way – that the five minutes they spent relaxing me transformed me from stressed out and anxious to relaxed, mellowed and ready for some pampering in the form of a great hair treatment.

How much did that cost my stylist? Very little. How much did that additional effort on that part gain them? Tons. I told everyone I knew about how amazing that simple treat felt, and in return my stylist enjoyed not only my deep loyalty but a considerable number of new clients as well.

What can you do to surprise your clients? What little thing can you provide that will reinforce the wonderfulness of what you do and permanently place you in the ‘irreplaceable’ category in your clients’ minds?

A little creativity and consistent follow through are all it takes to enjoy the benefits of happy, happy customers.

So, what’s your plan?

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