Soothing, Smoothing and Grooming Dad!

May 24, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

Male enjoying massage treatmentNext up, Father’s Day. Are you ready?

More and more men are heading to the spa for massage and other treatments. This is a very good thing for us, yes?

Designing a few Father’s Day service packages will make gift buying for the loved ones a breeze. As always, we recommend creating a series of packages with various price points and service combinations. Adding a nice takeaway lotion or potion will help reinforce the experience for those lucky men, and encourage them to enjoy your services even without a gift certificate as the motivation.

Gift buyers, they love to have solutions presented to them so they don’t have to think too much. You are in the perfect position to create delicious treatments to relax and rejuvenate the dads in the world. It’s time to work your magic!

We found an article about men and spas that we wanted to share. Enjoy!

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