Service Menu Descriptions that Reach Out and Grab Attention

February 4, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

Fresh bamboo leaves over waterOne great way to deliver more punch with your service menu is to craft your descriptions to garner attention. And by attention, we mean your website visitors, of course, but we also mean search engines. All of the content on your website matters, and can help you be seen online.

For example, if you offer up a signature 90 minute massage using indigenous essential oils, and the techniques employed are a blend of Swedish and Deep Tissue, and a complementary de-puffing eye mask provides the finishing touch to an hour and a half of pure bliss, then you need to share at least some of that in your description.

So your service could be: Elementals Spa Signature 90 Minute Bliss Massage.

The description could be: Abandon yourself to our famous blended modality massage using indignenous essential oils. Our talented therapists banish tension, invigorate your spirit, and transform you into your better self! Special relaxing and de-puffing eye mask tops the treatment and leaves you refreshed and relaxed!

Including rich description that also contains key information about your services will pique the interest of your clients and broaden your appeal from a search engine standpoint. Not only will search engines like that you have interesting, relevant descriptions in place, they’ll give you credit for updating your website content.

Review your service menu, then ask yourself why each item is special, because they all are for one cool reason or another, then take a moment to rework the descriptions. Performing this exercise will rejuvenate your perspective on the amazing services you offer which will also translate to more enthusiasm as you describe to phone or walk-in clients the various offerings you’ve worked so hard to create.

Go ahead, get focused and enjoy the process as well as the benefits!

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