SEO – Tips and Tricks (A Series That Never Ends!)

April 23, 2013 spaboom permalink

magnifyWe believe periodic updates to the whole SEO effort are a good thing. Here are a few insights into recent events in the SEO world that you may find useful.

Get listed: Completing the registration process with is extremely important for your business.  It provides a central location for you to view and confirm your information with search engines and listing services.  Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of this information will improve your rankings on search engines as well as providing (potential) customers with detailed information on your business including hours, payment types accepted and even photos and videos of your business.

Confirming your information with search engines is important for local searches for several reasons.  For one, when an authoritative owner has confirmed the information it gets a higher priority for being verified information.  Secondly, confirmation of locations and keywords will improve your standing in local searches by providing Search Engines with an accurate location relative to the searcher’s estimated location, which is extremely important when doing a business search.  Finally, Google and Bing will indicate whether you are currently open for business, which is important information for someone that may be looking to obtain products or services at the time of their search.

Keywords, the evolution continues: In 2012 Google released an update called “Penguin” designed to remove any benefits sites might gain by “link farming” and other techniques designed to game the search engine’s algorithm.  The biggest side effect of this change for SpaBoom users is that it essentially deprecates the “Keyword” meta tag and its setting in SpaBoom.  In order to get Google to see these keywords now, you should make sure that they are incorporated on your front page in natural language.

Providing keyword rich front page content is Google’s preferred way of learning about your site.  The best ways to accomplish this will improve the information you provide potential customers and your Google Rankings, which was Google’s whole idea.  We suggest adding information such as popular services, written directions to the business and areas served, even practitioners’ names if they have a reputation from other activities.  You might also consider covering conditions or diagnoses that your services work for, or circumstances in which your services might be a preferable alternative or a complementary treatment.

As always, please feel free to give us a call at 800.940.0458 or Email with any questions. We’re happy to help!

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