Preserving Your In-House Retail Brand

May 15, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

haircuttingIn past couple of years we’ve seen some products manufacturers offering their goods online to the same consumers that visit your spa or salon. Yes, they’re offering the same products as you do, in house, but without that key piece of the retail formula – professional guidance and education.

What do you do when this occurs? Besides essentially competing for the same consumers, you’re now losing the retail revenue stream that may play a significant role in your business’ cash flow model.

There has never been a better time to know the key differentiators of your services, and most importantly, to share that information – consistently, succinctly, and in every venue possible.

Some spas and salons choose to discontinue products that are now available online in order to focus on those that remain exclusive for in-store sales. In addition, they focus their expertise during services, and help their clients choose the ideal products for their individual needs. One big drawback that consumers face buying online is choosing what’s available and ‘self-prescribing’ products which may very well be intended for entirely different hair, skin, etc.

Highlighting your expertise in skin, hair, and body care will separate you from the pack. Your clients come to you for your deep knowledge of your field; they return as they experience the benefits of professional care and products over time.

Offering a free skin or hair analysis with any service provides an immediate feedback mechanism that can direct your product and maintenance recommendations and ensure your clients are using what’s best, and will enjoy the optimal outcome in the process. And the perception of receiving a service with value goes a long way to engendering in-store product loyalty.

If you’re inclined to adding a private label line, doing so will absolutely prevent losing retail sales to online shoppers. In recent years ‘going private label’ has become much more affordable, with fewer upfront costs. Credit technology and small batch production – and enjoy creating a line of products tailored specifically to your brand, prominently featuring your brand, and supporting your marketing theme and messaging across labels and offerings.

Regardless your strategy for competing, you do have options. Again, what we find is that sticking to what you know/who you are as a business, and providing stellar customer service net big benefits while you remain true to your brand. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, should it? After all, being ‘real’ and delivering on your brand promise has always been key to success.

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