Marketing Lists – What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

March 13, 2014 Kathy Watts permalink

Easter decorationYour email list is the most important tool in your marketing toolkit. There is no better way to connect with your clients, wherever they are and on their own time, than through email communications. But if you are only using one giant email list, then your email communications have to be one size fits all. And we all know that your clients are not all the same, so why send them all the same marketing?

Marketing lists allow you to break down your overall email list into subgroups, based on your clients’ different personas. You can then use these lists to send emails targeted specifically to their individual needs & wants rather than having just one blanket email that covers everyone.

So clients who are your top VIP clients can get emails geared to them, and so can those clients who only come in for specific services or have specific needs. Being able to target your email marketing to each of these groups will bring better results and make your clients more interested in reading your communications.

SpaBoom has the ability to create marketing lists built into our system, so you can create marketing lists and start targeting your client subgroups today.

Here’s how:

Go to the Marketing Tab:

  • Click on “Lists” in the left hand column to go to the Marketing Lists page
  • You will see all your current marketing lists
  • To add a new marketing list, click on “Add Marketing List” in the lower left column

From here, you can create a new marketing list:

  • Give your list a name
  • Choose a Type – this indicates when someone can be added to this list. They can either add themselves during the email signup process, or you can choose to keep the list internal, which means you control who gets added to a list
  • Choose a Parent – this is optional and refers to making this list a subgroup of another list
  • Click save and your list is ready to go
  • Now you just need to assign some clients to it

To assign clients to a list:

  • Go to the Clients tab
  • Pull up their client record
  • Check the marketing lists you want to add this client to (this is towards the bottom of the page)
  • Click save

Don’t forget that your client has to already be signed up for email marketing and have confirmed their signup in order for them to receive email communications. If the “send email marketing” box is not checked, their email signup is not complete and they will not receive email from you.

And that’s it! You are all set to start effectively targeting subgroups of your client list. Targeted marketing is proven to be more effective and lead to more interest, so why not start using it today?

Need help figuring out how to segment your overall email list into marketing lists? Or just a little bit of help setting things up? Give our team a call. We’re ready to help you utilize our effective marketing tools.

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