Keeping it Real Extends to All Areas of Your Online Marketing

June 21, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

woman with teaWhen it comes to creating marketing content, and choosing a tone that will flow through all of your venues, simple, and real, is what people want to read and hear.

Remember when we talked about how you’re your own publisher now? This is part of that.

The age of agency-slick, glam and meaningless copy is over. It’s time to embrace your spa’s personality and let it shine everywhere you have something to say. Everywhere. Remember that overly formal, jargon-heavy, clinical, or just plain stuffy writing puts people off. Words that come from your passion, from your heart, from the very core of your mission in business, will resonate because those words are genuine.

Some simple thoughts to think as you create compelling copy:

Ask yourself, ‘Who am I writing to?’ You know your clientele, it’s ok to speak to them in an appropriate and compelling way that respects their specialness and resonates for them.

Try this. Every time you’re writing a blog article, email or social media post ask yourself if you would read what you’re writing. Would you find it interesting? Would you continue past the first paragraph, in the case of a blog article, or would you abandon it early on because it felt too make you press on and find out what happens at the end?

Read out loud what you’re intending to publish. Doing so will allow you to smooth and refine your copy so that it flows naturally and feels real. Stuffy copy reads like a bad legal document, and won’t flow at all. It’s not supposed to. But yours should. Even if you’re writing a subject line, four or five sentences, and a quick closing sentence, take the time to really ‘hear’ it from the perspective of your audience. If it flows, there’s a greater chance they’ll get all the way through what you need to say.

Remember that emails or blog articles don’t need to be 15,000 word treatises on the state of the universe. They need to be concise, interesting, relevant, and yes, written in a real voice.

‘Real’ means genuine, straightforward and solid. Your audience deserves, and will appreciate, that style of communication from you, a business whose very core revolves around stripping away life’s buildup of stress and toxins and anxiety as part of your services. It just kind of makes sense, right?

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