Is Business Mudsliding or Building Big Memories

May 28, 2013 Janell Loving permalink

accueil avec sandales bleues et fleurs de frangipanierMemorial Weekend is always the kick off of the summer season. We know that this typically means a shift in the flow of how many treatments you are booking and also a shift in how often you see your regular clients.

Every year, our spa and salon owners ask about ways that they can change the pattern of the summer slow down, so we came up with 3 things that can help stop the dwindling and benefit your long term strategy for growth.

Here are three savvy spa business tips to utilize during the slower summer months:

  1. Create deeper relationships. Summer is about relaxing, changing the everyday rhythm of rushing and must dos. This is a perfect opportunity to engage with your clients. Blog articles that give them health tips and summer information for family, fun and relaxation are one of the easiest ways to create a deeper bond. Give your clients ways to maximize their experience and trigger the psychological connection between your business and their great memories.
  2. Develop loyalty. Summer is a time for celebration so utilize the next few months to develop a closer relationship through appreciation and gratitude with your clients. Celebrate your clients. These are few ideas to encourage loyalty by celebrating the relationship you have with your clients. This is the perfect time to orchestrate any number of campaigns —  “A celebrate Summer Solstice with us”, “We’re thankful that you are a part of our extended family” or perhaps in July award everyone in your loyalty program 100 points to celebrate the first day of summer.  Developing loyalty out of gratitude and appreciation for one another is one of the most authentic ways to build your business.
  3. Define your summer promotions. Everyone gets an email about the hot weather, but do they know 3 ways to cool off the body with massage, or specific aromatherapy treatments that keep you cool and hydrate the skin? We take the knowledge that we have for granted a lot of time, but most people are excited to learn something new that benefits them. Be the source of knowledge and information for things that matter and watch the relationship with your clients change.

Utilizing the summer months to build relationships, encourage loyalty and actively participate in your clients summertime relaxation – three ways to make the flow different.

Working systematically toward a deeper relationship means that you are providing summer incentive promotions to drive awareness; using birthday promotions to encourage gift solutions from your business and most importantly setting the stage for the active engagement with your business as summer turns to fall and familiar routines become the norm again.

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