How One Spa Found $100,000!

February 26, 2013 Janell Loving permalink

avabellaA few months ago we talked about the changes in the economy, right here. Since our holiday revenue review, we have continued to see growth and increases in revenue across the board with our spas. This is definitely something that every spa owner wants to hear so with that in mind, we talked to one of our many spa owners that have seen gift certificate sales increase exponentially in the last few months.

Ava Bella Day Spa in Little Rock, Arkansas uses SpaBoom’s Instant Gift Certificates to offer online gift solutions to their customers. This year, Ava Bella Day Spa sold more than $29,000 worth of online Instant Gift Certificates in February leading up to Valentine’s Day, with almost $10,000 worth of online Instant Gift Certificates sold on Valentine’s Day! DeeDee Helbig, the owner of Ava Bella Day Spa, is extremely pleased with her gift certificate sales.

Since we started using SpaBoom our gift certificate sales have greatly increased! I have sold $31,000 more than last year at this time! I tell every business owner I know about SpaBoom.

Ava Bella Day Spa started using SpaBoom in April of 2012. Since then, they have sold over $100,000 in online Instant Gift Certificates. DeeDee attributes the increase in sales to the unique opportunity of convenience and enhanced abilities her clients now have to access gifts and information whenever they want or need it.

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