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June 6, 2013 spaboom permalink

Maintaining an up-to-date Google+ profile is a free, easy way to ensure that you’re current when it comes to Search Engine Optimization on Google for your business. Not only does it make sure your contact information is easy to find but it also allows you more visibility in the results by pulling up a large card with your contact information, recent Google+ posts, and even a follow button so your clients can follow you on Google+ without ever leaving the search page.

Google has been integrating its social network Google+ deeper and deeper into their products and services. As a business one great way to be more visible is to make sure that you have a fully updated Google+ page with as much information as possible about your business. Luckily Google has created a short PDF to help you get started in creating your page which gives you a short introduction into why Google Plus is important for your business which you can view here.

You will first need to create a Google+ personal page so that you can create your new business page. A Google+ account does require a Google account so you may want to sign up for a Gmail account before you begin setting up Google+.

Reviews on Google are now also submitted by Google+ users so in order to see the breakdown of the reviews for your business on Google they will need a Google Plus account, otherwise they may see something like this next to the reviews:

If you have a fully updated Google+ page for your business and a Google Places account set up as well you will start to appear on the right side of search results for your business. This card to the right of the results gives your customers a quick and easy way to find the import information about your business. You will also notice a “Follow” button under your business name which allows the customer to follow you from their Google+ account as well.

Google has also put together a great support site to help you navigate your way through Google+. If you are a SpaBoom customer we have already integrated the G+ share button directly into your events, specials and blogs so people can already start sharing the things they like right from your page!

If you already have a Google Places page you can now merge that into your shiny new Google+ account. Once you set up your Google+ personal profile and then your Google+ page you can learn more about Google+ Local here.

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