Catering to the Male Client

November 1, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

Man having massage in the spa salonMen are enjoying spa more than ever before, which means opportunity for growth if you’re considering reaching out to that group. Per ISPA’s annual spa survey, men’s visits have risen from 33% of visits in 2011 to 47% of visits in 2012 – a significant increase considering the number had hovered in the low 30’s for several years running.

So what’s different about marketing to men? Not as much as you might think, as it turns out.


Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils to enhance psychological and physical well-being. There is nothing more fabulous than enjoying a treatment incorporating delicious scents that soothes and calms. Men prefer citrus, sandalwood, green tea and cleaner scents over subtler floral fragrances when it comes to their essential oils.


Spas who’ve created male-centric waiting and treatment areas have chosen rustic over elegant, with rough sawn wood paneling and stone floors to surround their male clients. And reading materials in waiting areas are also tailored for the male audience, which has been well received.


Scrubs and deeper massage, as well as facials, back and feet treatments seem to resonate well with the male group, and clever names for services are key – this audience likes to feel they’re special, just with a rugged twist. The lead foot softening service on your menu could go from Pamper My Precious Peds (for women) to Modern Gent’s Pad Tamer… for example.

But names aren’t everything. Providing the male audience with relaxing and rejuvenating services means you recognize and respect their needs, and cater to a burgeoning market.


As you expand your reach into the male market, be sure to use your female data base as a way to reach them. Your existing clientele is a perfect place to start when it comes to telling the world that you’re offering up male-focused treatments. Sometimes the best way to discover you love something is to receive a gift for just that something! Women love to give the men in their lives gifts that soothe and relax; once you’ve shown those gift recipients the joy of a service designed with men in mind you’ll be in a perfect place to bring them back for more.

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