All That and A Bag of Chips!

April 1, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

toolsSelling beautiful, branded Instant Gift Certificates on your website, and via Facebook, is a great place to start. But we’ve never been happy with just the basics, and thought we should mention the other great tools you get with your SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificates. All of these are about keeping you in touch with your clients and generating significant revenue as a result.

Just know that SpaBoom has helped our clients generate over $175 million in sales, and our average client boosts their gift certificate sales by 35% in their first year using our service.

How we help:

  • Customized Instant Gift Certificate Page
    We create a page for your website that’s yours and yours alone, with your branding right where it needs to be – front and center, and on every single Instant Gift Certificate that sells!
  • Lot of Instant Gift Certificate designs
    Our library of Instant Gift Certificate designs is vast. Which means you have tons to choose from when it comes to selecting just the right designs for your business!
  • Customizable designs, too
    Have your own special look and feel that you’d like to use for your Instant Gift Certificates? Great! We’ll share the specs so you can create exactly what you’d like, easy peasy.
  • Email campaigns
    Your SpaBoom Instant Gift Certificate service comes complete with email campaigns that fly, automatically, around gift-giving holidays every year. Automatically. And each of those emails contains a link back to your Instant Gift Certificate page for easy gift buying. This alone generates sales. We know this. It turns out people remember upcoming gifting needs when a pretty email with your logo and a nice link to your Instant Gift Certificate page shows up.
  • Events to promote your Instant Gift Certificates
    Telling the world that you sell great looking Instant Gift Certificates that they can purchase at their convenience, around the clock and when you’re closed? A solid idea any day of the week, and an easy one to accomplish with Events designed to promote your gift certificates right on your website.
  • Facebook integration
    You’re working hard to cultivate your social media relationships, right? The ability to have a nice page on Facebook, and let people know you’re the very best choice for gift purchases is just another way to take advantage of your hard work and sell in the process. SpaBoom provides that for you.

The best part? We make it easy to use us. You pay just 5% commission after setup. No long-term contracts, no cancellation fees. Being where your audience is – online, on mobile and social – is where you need to be. SpaBoom can make that easy and fast and a revenue-generating decision that you’ll be happy you made!

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