You Must Be The Change You Want To See In The World

December 23, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

Kindness Words in Sky Compassionate Generous BackgroundMahatma Ghandi put it all on our shoulders, where it really should be, right? Where else can incremental change occur but with us as we make our way through this life?

In this season of giving and love and chaos and joy, it seems to me that a moment spent looking inward might be appropriate. Not because you’re all not already self aware. I’ve never met a more introspective bunch, honestly. Those of you that choose to make people feel amazing and look fabulous are gifted and make much good happen in the world, simply by performing in your chosen roles.

Perhaps a better title for this article would be, ‘Your smallest actions create great change’, or something along those lines. Because that’s what I’m really saying.

As business owners you influence many during any given week. Via your staff, of course. And then there’s your clientele. You directly, or indirectly by carrying forward a business philosophy, affect every single recipient of the services your spa, salon or massage therapy practice provides. You have shaped the look, feel and tenor of the experience they receive. The colors you’ve chosen within your business, the ambiance created in which your clients will spend the duration of their service, the rapport you’ve engendered within your staff that flavors the enthusiasm with which they perform their given skin, body or hair treatments – all of these play a role in the quality of experience your clients enjoy.

That’s a lot of responsibility, right? Sure, but it’s also a great opportunity to imbue your business with your vision, with your passion for the services you offer, and to ensure your staff feels supported and cherished and integral in your business performance. How you engage your professionals can be as complex as you want to make it, or as simple as asking yourself, ‘How would I wish to be treated/valued/compensated/engaged?’ The answers to those queries will vary, of course, but keeping a consistent set of expectations and rewards in place across the board will go a long way.

On a personal level, small gestures of compassion, kindness and selflessness are their own rewards. Taking a moment for a chat with a retired neighbor or someone you know who may not have a strong personal support system can make someone’s day, and make them feel connected – an essential component to happiness and general well being. Or take a few hours to start a new tradition of volunteering at a local homeless shelter. Providing help for those less fortunate can provide us valuable insight into the struggles that others face; our daily trials and tribulations are seldom significant in comparison. The fabulous flip side of that is that when we act compassionately, we too benefit. Our stress levels drop and we feel good about ourselves. What a win win, right?

As the maelstrom of holiday activities continues, please take a moment to express gratitude to your friends and loved ones, and remember that every action we take has the potential to bring positive change and happiness into a moment in someone’s life. There is no way to truly measure the impact of what we do, but seeing smiles bloom on faces and life’s burdens lessen slightly with random acts of kindess is heady, wonderful feedback, don’t you think?

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