Who Are You Now?

March 25, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

whoareyouHave you taken time lately to assess your business, and compare it to where you were a year ago? Or even a few months ago?

From a marketing perspective, continually looking closely at who and what we are and how we’ve evolved is essential to keeping all of our messaging consistent and fresh. We grow and change more than we realize, sometimes, and doing so with specific goals in mind and strategies for adjusting means we can do so comfortably and gracefully.

Things you need to ask yourself on a regular basis:

  • Have we added a new service that’s become a permanent offering? If so, have we added that to our service menu and any printed media that reflects services?
  • Have we shifted direction in any way? Become known for a particular offering or specialty? If so, have we mentioned that in emails, blog articles, social media and other outbound messaging? Have we updated our service menu accordingly?
  • Have we added to or changed our retail offerings? If so, do our clients all know our favorite product line(s) and why we feature them? People love to hear not just the what’s of what you do, but the why’s as well. You’re experts, and your opinion matters. Which also means any change warrants mention in an email, on your website, on social media, and certainly on your blog. People look for news from you in different places; be sure you’re reaching them in their individual information comfort zones.
  • Do we need to examine profitability and turn of our retail lines and adjust? Do we need to promote certain items more during services in order to move sluggish inventory? Do we need to discontinue items that simply do not appeal to our clientele? Look at your numbers, your average turn on retail, and on how you’re promoting. You may find hidden opportunities using only the communication between your practitioners and clients that will help create awareness and generate sales. And yes, you knew I was going to say this, talk about it on your website, in emails, in blog articles, and in social media. Make your audience feel like it has the inside track when it comes to info on your products. People like that.

Managing a spa or salon, or running a solo practitioner operation takes energy, creativity, passion and drive. Honest self-assessments work in all aspects of your operation, and small adjustments can mean big improvements on the face that you show your clients as well as the financial health of your business.

Take the time to reflect, and we’ll bet you’ll be pleased with the results.

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