The 411 On Facebook’s Newest Marketing Tweaks

March 11, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

fb-logoMarketing in the digital age means employing media in a multitude of ways. Social media is a prime example of one, and Facebook is a huge player within the social media arena whose algorithms change on an astonishingly regular basis.

Why should you care? Each time Facebook changes algorithms, the rules for using the social media venue to promote your business change a bit. Ignoring algorithmic adjustments means you’re shooting yourself in the marketing foot by losing visibility with your posts.  We all know how much emphasis modern marketing strategy places on social media in the mix, and we encourage regular, creative posts. We encourage interaction with your followers vs throwing content out there and then forgetting it. This takes time, energy and effort, so losing any ground or not having your work seen by as many followers as possible is highly annoying and a precious resource drain as well.

Modern marketing requires flexibility and a commitment to uphold the implied promise you make when sharing pearls of wisdom – you need to invite response, and respond timely and consistently in order to nurture and encourage the trust required for solid relationships. Facebook’s latest tweaks to their EdgeRank algorithm determine who and how many see your company’s posts. In fact, you may already have noticed a decline in your business’ organic outreach since the newest adjustments were put in place in January.

What should you do? Since the changes are about both images and content, you’ll need to adjust how you’re handling both. First, with images, you need to use a very compelling image that draws your followers in and compels them to read the content that follows. With regard to content, fresh is best. You don’t have to write great volumes of compelling copy, but you should be consistent with interesting and relevant pieces that keep your followers coming back for more.  Facebook values new content highly, which will translate to more eyes on your words which means more visibility for your business, which is kind of the point to begin with.

These are the biggies. Now go find some great images to accompany your well-written, regularly scheduled posts. And stand by for more updates – as we hear about them, we’ll share!

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