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January 9, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

smart goal setting conceptResolution season is upon us, and with it comes the burden of upholding any lofty goals we’ve set. The burden, though, is really an opportunity to examine personal behaviors and improve and evolve where we’ve chosen to focus. As your clients work to meet their New Year’s goals, you are in a wonderful place to support those efforts and encourage fortitude in the face of the daily challenges to come!

Some fun facts:

  • Those of us who limit the number of resolutions we make tend to be more successful, overall. And the American Psychiatric Association recommends using language like ‘goals’ or ‘intentions’ in lieu of ‘resolutions’, since those terms denote processes vs absolutes.
  • Having a strategy to work toward your new goals is key. Also, a deep inquiry into whether a life change is realistic at this point can help prevent failures. Face it, there are times when we have the wherewithal to stick to a new goal, and there are times when we are already overburdened by life and simply don’t have the resources to expend on a new endeavor. There’s no shame in being aware of our own capacity.
  • Willpower, as it turns out, takes energy, real energy, meaning glucose. If we sustain a goal for a long period of time, we’re using real resources. Ironically, if weight loss is a goal, and we’re limiting our caloric/food intake, we’re also limiting our body’s ability to produce adequate amounts of fuel for the fight we’ve undertaken. It’s important to factor in things like this to ensure we’re not only supporting our efforts, but not depleting our bodies in the process.
  • Knowing setbacks are normal, not showstoppers, is important.
  • Accountability to friends, family or a support group related to your goal encourages us to stick with a plan.  Transparency of this type encourages us to remain focused and be honest at all times, which in itself is liberating and empowering.

Those of you who provide services that make people feel better, live healthier lives, and look fabulous can really help your clients along their improvement paths! Who won’t feel more resolute with glowing skin, a body humming from a therapeutic massage, or a chic new ‘do to help them along their path?

Why not set up some services whose names reflect your support and appreciation of your clients’ New Year’s needs? You need not implement new services, simply adapt existing offerings that fit the bill to help energize and strengthen the resolve of those who have chosen to make changes as a way to begin the year.

Sensitivity and timeliness are good qualities. Have a little fun and let your clientele know you ‘get’ what they’re all about.

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