SpaBoom Best Practices: The Importance Of Redeeming All Types of Gift Certificates!

June 4, 2014 Kathy Watts permalink

gc.promoLet’s talk about an important practice that you should be doing in your business: redeeming gift certificates in SpaBoom. Keeping track of what gift certificates have been redeemed and what, if any, remaining balance is left is key to helping your business run smoothly. It also means that you won’t end up in a situation where a client uses a gift certificate twice, hurting your bottom line.

Okay, so most of us are already very good at redeeming gift certificates and tracking them in SpaBoom or another POS. But what about promotional and reward gift certificates? You know, the ones that your clients receive for signing up for email marketing, as part of a Daily Deal, or those reward certificates your clients get from your loyalty program. It is just as important to redeem and track those gift certificates in SpaBoom.

Tracking your promo & reward gift certificates can offer valuable information and feedback on which promotional programs and offers are working and which ones aren’t. But if you are just ringing up the discount or giving clients the promotional offer without redeeming those gift certificates in SpaBoom you are missing out on the chance to analyze those programs. And redeeming a promotional gift certificate is just as easy as redeeming a regular one.

How to Redeem a Gift Certificate in SpaBoom

  • Go to the GC tab in your Spaboom account
  • Search for the Gift Certificate by number, client, recipient, or date purchased (you can also narrow search by gc type)
  • Click on the ID number to pull up the gift certificate and its information
  • From here, you can view the gift certificate, including balance remaining
  • Click on Redeem in the left hand column
  • You can then note how much was redeemed and any notes about this transaction
  • Hit save
  • That’s it! You’ve redeemed the gift certificate

Making sure you redeem and track all the gift certificates you issue (regular, promo, and reward) means that you will have all the information and tools necessary to really analyze your offerings. And there is no better way to improve your business.

Have questions or need help redeeming a gift certificate? Give us a call! We’re always happy to help.

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