Ready for the influx of clients around Mother’s Day?

April 18, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

mdaybeachAre you looking forward to a busy time around the annual celebration of Moms? Have you prepared special treatments, maybe added nicely wrapped gifts of lotions and potions to your retail offerings, and spiffed up the joint?

Maybe a visit from someone outside your salon or spa is what you need.

Bringing in an outsider who experiences your services from start to finish, who views your location as a stranger would, vs a staff member or someone much closer to the day-to-day, can provide very valuable feedback and ensure you’re delivering the very best possible to your clientele.

Your business is built on the details – what a client experiences from the moment they see your sign on the door until they leave, ideally relaxed and happy and looking forward to their next visit. Secret Shoppers provide a great way to obtain critical feedback, and if you use a friend rather than a service for this, you can simply offer them a gift certificate for services and let them enjoy treatments while they gather info to help you offer up fabulous experiences for your clients.

It’s a simple concept that works, and one that can also strengthen your team. Getting everyone on-board the ‘learning more about ourselves means we can improve and deliver even better treatments’ bus will engage your staff in the process. Everyone likes to feel like they’re playing a key role, and there’s no better way than to be inspired to be their very best, every service.

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