Joy Of Spa News: The Many Faces Of Motherhood

April 11, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

yoga-womanJoy of Spa News: The Many Faces of Motherhood, our Mother’s Day 2014 edition, is ready to fly. As always, we encourage your tailoring the introduction to your liking.


Mothers, by their very nature, support and nurture others. Reminding them to take the time for self care, preserving their individuality, and embracing modern technology to help simplify the day-to-day is what this edition of Joy of Spa News is all about. Happy Mother’s Day! Team Joy

Our Mother’s Day edition of Joy of Spa News encourages mothers to find the time for consistent self care, for preserving their sense of individuality and well being, and to take full advantage of the miracle of modern technology as they manage the myriad of details each day presents. This edition will launch over a three day period, April 19th-21st, unless you’ve opted to change the date it goes out. Be sure to make any changes prior to that date! (And be sure to send yourself a test email after making any edits, and remember that Events that encompass the date on which your email is sent will be included in the email as well.)

Note: The articles that accompany this edition of the Joy of Spa News will appear magically in your test email, and in the real deal come April 19th.

Creating specials to accompany this edition of the Joy of Spa News will make it a no-brainer for your readers to respond immediately to the theme – rejuvenating, revitalizing and nurturing treatments – and enjoy your services! Remember, the Joy of Spa News is branded with your spa’s logo and when your client clicks to read more, the website is branded with your logo, too! Not yet signed up to send a beautiful, branded newsletter to your clients on a regular basis? Now is your time to get onboard! Go to Setup, Basics to put Joy of Spa to work for your spa. (As always, give us a call if you need help turning on the Joy!)

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