Joy of Spa News: Much Ado About Weddings

February 28, 2013 Janell Loving permalink

Joy of Spa News: Much Ado About Weddings, is now ready for you to customize. It is complete as is, but you are always welcome to make it yours by playing with the introduction, which follows:

As the season of the nuptial approaches, we think that taking a step back, breathing deeply, and considering that you may have many more options than you thought when it comes to preparing for your big day is just what you need to do! We also encourage each of you to relax and fully participate in what will surely be one of life’s most remarkable events! Team Joy

Our Bridal/Wedding edition of Joy of Spa News touches on various aspects of preparing for nuptials. We’ve brought in ideas from from around the world as well as the tried and true to spark the imagination and creativity of anyone involved with weddings this year. This edition will launch over a three day period, March 10th-12th, unless you’ve opted to change the date it goes out. Be sure to make any changes prior to that date! (And be sure to send yourself a test email after making any edits, and remember that Events that encompass the date on which your email is sent will be included in the email as well.)

Note: The new articles that accompany this edition of the Joy of Spa News will appear magically before it goes out to your clients, even if you can’t see them in their entirety when you send yourself a test email. No worries, they’ll be in place! We promise! If the newsletter looks really weird, let us know and we’ll fix you right up.

We highly recommend creating Bridal and wedding promotions and service packages designed with everyone in the wedding party – and beyond – in mind, to accompany this edition of Joy of Spa News. Couples massages, great skin and hair treatments – they all fit, and can offer up a great solution during the upcoming season of weddings. Remember, the Joy of Spa News is branded with your spa’s logo and when your client clicks to read more, the website is branded with your logo, too! Not yet signed up to send a beautiful, branded newsletter to your clients on a regular basis? Now is your time to get on-board! Go to Setup, Basics to put Joy of Spa to work for your spa. (As always, give us a call if you need help turning on the Joy!)

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