It’s Okay to Play Favorites

November 12, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

Finding a Targeted Niche - Magnifying GlassYour clientele comes to you for different reasons. Part of nurturing the relationships that you build with the individuals who seek your services means tailoring your communication to them.

Honoring and focusing upon the various types of clients you have will strengthen the bond that you share, which bodes well for a long and happy relationship.

A few examples of marketing niches within your clientele:

  • Gift buyers
  • Gift recipients
  • Regulars
  • Males
  • Females between 25-45
  • Females between 45-70
  • Young adults 20-30

Each of these subsets of your client base will enjoy periodic emails and special opportunities recognizing where they fit within your business scope. Why not send gift buyers a BOGO or limited time percentage discount to thank them for making the right choice for gifting? Your regulars deserve the love because they’re there year round, and deserve to feel like they belong in your special inner circle, which they do. They’ve earned it. Appreciating your clients doesn’t always need to mean discounting, as you well know. Maybe adding 15 minutes to an hour massage or offering a takeaway of a small bottle of their favorite massage oil will do nicely, too.

When you write a blog article, think about how that might resonate with your various subgroups of clients, and then just write an email with a catchy subject line, simple, tailored opening paragraph,  then include your blog article in the body of the email. Bada Bing!, you’ve got a focused piece that took you minimal time to prepare because you’ve used another piece of content that you’ve already generated as the body.

Consistent, well focused emails will help you recognize those who have supported your business and make them feel just a little bit special – something we all appreciate and generally reward by supporting those who let us know they care. It’s a beautiful cycle, and one that takes minimal time or effort to begin.

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