Do You Foster Employee Education?

June 24, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

continuing educationDo you want to engender loyalty and strengthen your business as a whole? That may be easier than you think, and simply involve supporting your employees’ pursuit of continuing education as well as providing in-house training which focuses on best business practices relevant to yours.

The key, really, is committing to constant improvement – your own, and, of course, your staff’s. If you follow solid business development strategies, share those with your team and encourage a constructive feedback environment you’re well on your way to enjoying sound day-to-day operations. When everyone is on-board with management objectives, and feels their input is not only welcome but encouraged, you’ll find your business’ energy level rising and level of service following suit.

It turns out being heard, being encouraged to develop professionally, and feeling supported in the course of business matters a whole lot to those individuals you’ve brought into your spa or salon.  The results speak for themselves – better morale, happier clients, and a general sense of being on track as a small business. The whole concept of ‘us and them’ is an outdated management approach that is both short sighted and fails to encourage personal buy-in and dedication on the part of your employees.

Enlisting the ideas, the creativity, and the energy of your professionals will net very positive outcomes. The first step involves planning which includes input from your team, then incorporating that feedback where it makes sense to do so. No, this doesn’t mean ceding your right to nix ideas that simply don’t fit into the business model, it means sharing the business model with your staff, then evolving over time to use valuable ideas as you grow your business.

From an employee development standpoint, all of your estheticians, stylists and massage therapists need continuing education for licensing, of course, but also to encourage periodic and valuable interaction with their peers and to grow their skills, foster creativity and stay abreast of current treatments, trends and practices. Ensuring your professionals continue to pursue requisites as well as develop expertise in their given areas is a simple as considering education a necessary endeavor, not simply an annoyance that makes scheduling a challenge.

Providing an environment that truly fosters growth and education begins with committing to do so, then laying the foundation over time. Bottom line? If you’re dedicated to the development and support of your professionals, they will return the the favor. It’s a simple and beautiful cycle.

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