Connecting With Your Community

April 10, 2014 Stephany Toman permalink

Give ConceptCharity feels good because it serves a need to help others while sharing our abundance. Just the process of reaching out and sharing nets another benefit as well – it connects us to our community and anchors us in very positive ways to an effort much larger than our own.

Connecting to community with your small business by providing services to a select group of community members can accomplish numerous ends, including securing your spa, salon, massage therapy or esthetician practice a very positive position within the local consciousness.

Benefits of providing pro bono services to a great cause:

Helping the charity you’ve chosen provide their members with much needed help.

You feel proud of sharing the benefits of the hard work you’ve done which means caring sharing is now possible.

Your staff feels increasingly connected to their community – a benefit that can engender loyalty, respect and support for your business as a result.

Your community feels that you’re giving back. They support you, you support their causes – it’s a beautiful circle where everyone wins.

What types of services would your local charities value?

Hair styling – Many shelters are helping their guests regain footing, literally and figuratively. Part of the rebuilding process means helping people feel good about themselves, wherever and whenever they find themselves.

Massage therapy – Finding anyone in the world who doesn’t need a soothing, rejuvenating and healthy massage would be nearly impossible. Providing such beneficial therapy to the less fortunate, the hospitalized, those working to re-establish a foundation in the community – helps to fortify and rebalance while allowing moments to safely enjoy the healing power of human touch.

Spa services of any type – Manis or pedis, makeovers, facials – all of these feel good and help to encourage a strong sense of self. Who doesn’t feel better with pretty fingers and toes, or skin that feels silky and glows after a lovely exfoliation and hydrating lotion?

You know what you do. You’ve worked hard to define your business, and to grow it and survive in spite of stormy economic weather during the last few years. Take a little time to contemplate where your services might fit into an established charity’s needs and get connected. It’s easier than you think, and once you have a starting point/event, you may be pleasantly surprised at how supportive your staff will be. After all, the need for connection is fundamental to humans. Being part of that in a workplace might just encourage staff to reach out in other ways in their private lives to help where they can.

It’s a beautiful circle where everyone benefits.

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