Are You Postured to Capitalize on a Healthier Spa Industry?

August 20, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

2013 growth chartAs we emerge from one of the most dismal economic climates in decades, opportunities abound. Opportunities to reinforce and nurture the relationships you’ve worked so hard to create through the years. Opportunities to reach out for new clientele. Opportunities to assess your marketing and fine tune it to reach your prospects and clients where they’re spending their time – online, and using mobile technology.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, in their SPA 2013 U.S. Spa Industry Study (conducted for ISPA), reflects the following:

“Signs of positive growth for the industry emerged as total revenue, spa visits, revenue per visit, total number of employees and the total number of spa locations all experienced an increase over the previous year.”

“The upward momentum of the spa industry has positively impacted the overall United States economy. In addition to generating $14 billion in revenue in 2012, the industry employs more than 343,000 individuals in the United States/ The total number of spa visits increased to 160 million and the average guest spent $87 per visit.”

This is fantastic news. Now what are you doing to take full advantage of a trend that we’ve all been cautiously optimistic would acutally develop?

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