A Pain In The Apps

March 27, 2013 Stephany Toman permalink

Mobile applications conceptNot to put too blunt of an edge on it, but there are about a bazillion apps out there, and not all of them are up to snuff. And some of them, well, are annoying, to say the least.

  • Some apps have been poorly written, and malfunction at inopportune moments, like, say, when sending a personal text to a friend…that gets sent to everyone in your phone book!
  • Some apps are spammers, hiding behind a thin technology veil.
  • Some apps share way too much personal data. We know of one story where a woman had bought tickets to an event, and then discovered that information had been distributed to Facebook without her knowledge, leaving her unhappy and feeling vulnerable and like her privacy had been breached in a most unwelcome way.
  • A particularly annoying habit of app providers, we’ve found, is sharing user data with third parties, like advertising networks. Imagine being besieged by advertisers after using what you assumed was a perfectly harmless app of some sort. Yuck. The Wall Street Journal discovered that this is a very common occurrence, and wrote an article listing offenders.

Clearly not everyone has the best interest of the consumer in mind when creating an app.

The good news? We’re going to heed all the mistakes that others have made and NOT repeat them. We also want you to NOT have to deal with yet another vendor for a cool app….we think you have a lot of vendors already, and one more is not really a great solution. And we want your clients to love your app, so much that they take advantage of all of the cool features SpaBaby will contain:

  • Specials and events you’ve designed just for them
  • Featured services or specialty treatments, and a way to purchase them right on the spot
  • Convenient booking or request appointment capability
  • Blogs articles galore
  • Instant Gift Certificates!


A few bad experiences can be enough to turn people off the app experience for good. We’re here to ensure that your clients love love love yours, and thank you for providing it the next time they walk in your door!

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