4 Easy Marketing Activities To Promote Your Business

June 20, 2014 Kathy Watts permalink

Marketing and strategyThere are so many great ways to promote your business. But the strongest ones will allow you to really connect with your audience: your current and potential clients. Here are a few marketing activities that not only help promote your business, but can also open a dialog with your community, and help foster client relationships with your business.

Start a dialog with your clients on your blog or social media

You don’t want every online interaction with your clients to be sales related. You want to build a relationship with your clients that will keep them loyal to you and your business. Your blog and Facebook page are great places to start that dialog with your clients. It could be something as simple as asking them on Facebook to share what their spring break plans are. Or you could start posting a “Health & Beauty Tip of the Day/Week”. Your blog is also a great place to start an “Ask the Expert” series, where your clients can ask beauty or health questions and receive answers from you or a member of your staff. Posting regularly can help keep your clients interested in what you have to say, and keep you fresh in their mind.

Give away a free sample or add-on this week to those who follow you on social media

Social media is a powerful place to connect with your clients. Why not offer them an incentive to follow you on Facebook or Twitter? Post an offer of a free sample or add-on this week and hold a contest for clients to vote in the comments of a post on which product or add-on you should give away. Then give that free sample or add-on away to those who come in and mention the post.

Participate in a local volunteer project or fundraiser

Your community has so many great volunteer activities going on all the time. Why not participate in a few of them? Not only will it make you and your staff feel great, but it can also be a good way to get your business name out in the community, and meet new potential clients. There are a variety of ways to participate: as a sponsor;  a donor; or as participants with your staff, wearing your t shirt or button, of course. Volunteering can be a great team building exercise for your staff and help grow your reputation in the community.

Run a joint promotion with a non-competing business in your area

There are so many businesses in your area, and many of them have the same client base, but don’t compete with you. Maybe there’s a boutique down the street that a lot of your clients shop at, or a popular local restaurant. Approach them about doing a joint promotion that will benefit both of your businesses with more business and more exposure. It might be something as simple as a discount or special gift with purchase if your clients shop at the boutique, or something a bit more involved like a Girls Night Out at a local restaurant, with mini treatments offered by your spa for a small fee.  Either way, joint promotions are a great way to foster community and also help you and other local businesses increase your exposure.

Try focusing on just one of these in the coming months, and see what it does both for your staff and your business.

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