What is Identity Marketing

Identity Marketing is the ability to navigate your online presence/image through search, social and directory sites; while also building an online reputation using pathways to connect with clients and create communication channels between your business and your intended audience.

Identity Marketing is the bridge that allows businesses to leverage their unique local content driven advantage, connecting users with local information, relevant to their searches, while promoting business through loyalty and incentivized promotions.

Why is Identity Marketing Important

Without a managed business identity, search engines are left to improvise your public identity using whatever pieces of information are available.

Often times, a business’s public identity will be overshadowed by other businesses in the same industry, taking away the ability to compete online for clients that are searching for their best option – you.

Identity Marketing – The Essential Service

Your marketing consultant will manage all aspects of your marketing identity across search, social and directory sites monthly. We help you get more from the customers you have now, widen your target audience to generate new growth, and strengthen your existing base.

Here is a list of what this service enables for your business:

  • Claiming and verifying places, fan and profile pages across search, social and directory sites
  • Manage, distribute and update business listings across multiple search and social channels
  • Capture content to deliver your story across search, social, profile and directory sites
  • Incentive gifts and review generation program
  • Instant Gift Certificate w/Stripe payment integration
  • Real Time Online Booking
  • Gift driven transactional email campaigns

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