Facebook Graph Search — Looking Good So Far…

April 15, 2013 spaboom permalink

Facebook has begun the roll out of their newest search feature: Graph Search. The new search may have a big impact on the way people search for businesses and services. Since the majority of time people are spending online is spent on Facebook it is important to have your business page constantly changing and interacting with your clients.

The new graph search will allow you to search for just about anything you want but the important part is that you can see the businesses that your friends and family have liked and visited. Knowing where your friends and family have been and enjoy will always play an important part in your decision to frequent a business.

Even if none of your friends or family has visited a business you can drill down deeper to see just what kind of people have checked in at a certain place. Want to know if a bar you are looking at is frequented by couples or singles? You can narrow your search to see exactly who has been checking in there. You can even search by the age range of the people who have checked in at a given place.

The new graph search will make it very easy to find business but it will favor those who are interacting on Facebook regularly and encouraging their clients to check in. Start interacting with Facebook now before Graph Search is rolled out to everyone!


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