Dynamic Website

What will it do for me?

Our focus is not just on an elegant design that reflects your business, but on providing you an effective, Search Engine friendly site that gets noticed on the Web, attracts visitors and turns them into clients. SpaBoom Dynamic Websites come with Instant Gift Certificates built-in, immediately turning your website into a profit center! Your clients can instantly email or print them at time of purchase. Clients can also book online, anytime!

What makes it Dynamic?

Your website will always be fresh and vital—special occasions and holidays are automatically promoted and never out of date. No more talking about Valentine's Day when Mother's Day is next week!  

Editing your website content is as easy as using Word—if you can edit a document, you can update your content 24/7!

Graphics are also a snap to change out—simply upload your favorite images, or choose from our library of stock photography. Just click to import your images, and voilà, your website looks fresh!

Change your spa menu a lot? No problem! Updating your menu takes less time than changing your mind! And photos are easy to update—just replace the old with the new and get a great new look, instantly!

Do I need to be a techie?

Nope! Our no-techie-required approach makes it super easy for you or one of your staff members to update your website. We free you from being at the mercy of busy web masters.  

Theme-Based Websites

Custom Designed Websites

Find more examples, and the stories behind the website, on the SpaBoom Blog.

What do I do for SEO (search engine optimization)?

SpaBoom's Dynamic Websites are built for SEO from the ground up, and our service includes identifying your targeted keywords and optimizing your content for the best SEO performance. Plus, we'll help you get the maximum SEO benefit from new content that you add to your website. For helpful tips, see our Online Marketing Guide.

How will my website look on smartphones?

Great! SpaBoom's Dynamic Websites automatically detect smartphones and show an optimized mobile version. Your address links to Google Maps so that people can find you, and your phone number becomes a link so they can call you. Best of all, unlike creating a separate mobile website, the mobile version of our Dynamic Websites are great for SEO!

What about email?

As part of our service in setting up your Dynamic Website, we'll also work with you to setup Google Mail on your domain. This lets you publish a professional looking email address that matches your website. We can also set it up to forward to your existing email service.

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